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The Internet At Home: Protecting Your Children

When we first send our children off to school, it’s not only a big step for them, but also for us as a parent. They have spent nearly their entire lives by our side with our protection and supervision to keep them safe. Then, they leave for school and we must trust that the outside world will protect them just as well as we would.

We worry a lot about the outside world. Some of it is valid, but the rest may be somewhat excessive. Funny enough, after spending so much time worrying about the adequacy of their supervision outside of our home, we tend to let our guard down at home. We so often assume that as soon as they get home, they are out of harm’s way.

This is generally true, with one important danger that we are exposed to every single day – the Internet.

We have put together a list of the most common questions parents have about their abilities to protect their children from the unknown threats of unfiltered Internet use. For more information about anything below, or to learn more about how you can protect your children on the Internet, contact us here.

Common Customer Questions:

As today’s youth become more and more techy savvy and Internet-reliant, many parents are asking themselves this very question. The short answer – yes, with the right precautions the Internet is safe for your children.

The long answer is a little more complicated. The Internet is a vast and wonderful place with the potential to do a great many things. It provides practical education for those who did not previously have access, allows people to create thriving businesses from their own homes, and even keeps people connected thousands of miles apart.

However, in the online world, having such a vast unlimited space that thrives on anonymity can have its drawbacks. There are dangerous parts of the internet: not only for children, but even for adults. For this reason, we need to educate ourselves on the precautions that we need to take for our own safe Internet use and then pass those same precautions on to our children.

If you are worried about your children’s safety while they are browsing online, the people that they are speaking with, and the content they may accidentally or purposefully access, you are not alone. Many parents are worried about the exact same things and many are not sure where to turn for help – this is where NetSentron’s quadruple-level content filtering comes in. To learn exactly how NetSentron keeps your children safe, click here.

It seems like just yesterday that we were shell-shocked that our dial-up Internet connection could send an email all the way across the country. Today, nearly every child, adult, and even elderly person uses a smartphone. Consequently, today’s youth have constant, instant access to thousands upon thousands of websites at their fingertips.

Though most children spend most of their time online on popular social networking platforms, such as Instagram and Snapchat, they are constantly on the brink of reaching harmful and dangerous areas of the Internet with a few wayward clicks.

The Internet has many benefits; you can instantly get information on any topic you search, but that also means anybody can put anything out there. And that’s the problem. To those unfamiliar with the danger of the Internet, it feels completely safe. In a perfect world, that would be the case.

Unfortunately, there are criminals who use the internet as their weapon. By creating malicious websites and emails filled with spam, they are capable of instantly gaining access to your personal information. Others may create websites that contain huge amounts of inappropriate content that are not suitable for children or teenagers.

Even only between these two major online threats, there is a great deal of online content and activity to look out for. The most crucial step in keeping yourself and your children safe on the Internet is education. Informing yourself about the dangers of the Internet and the ways to avoid them is the best possible step you can make towards keeping yourself and your children safe.

If you’re not sure where to begin on internet safety, feel free to give us a call and speak with one of our experts.

Unfortunately, your browser’s “Safe Search” option isn’t so safe. It’s very limited and only works when searching directly through that one search engine. Your children could be searching for a doll, and what comes up with their Google results is an adult item you definitely don’t want them to see and that they don’t need to see.

Even if Safe Search were able to filter their search results more closely, kids today are exceedingly tech-savvy, and generally easily surpass their parents when it comes to technology. If your children want to search for something, a “Safe Search” filter alone will not be enough to stop them.

Netsentron is the answer to this problem and can keep both you and your children happy while they safely search the web!

Not so sure your kids are in danger of accidentally running into porn online?

If you already have a blacklist to protect your children on the Internet, click here to test how effective it is.

Once, Netsentron was only available for business, school or institutional, as schools across North America have been using Netsentron to stop kids from seeing bad websites for ten years. After many calls from parents wanting internet security in their homes as well, we finally made an easy at-home solution for your family. You as a parent can have the enterprise-level protection that those schools, businesses and institutions have been able to take advantage of at an extremely affordable rate.

The small form factor Netsentron is perfect for home use. It’s three devices in one: a firewall, a network management tool, and a true content filter. This Netsentron is the protector you’ve been looking for, both for your computers and your kids.

With NetSentron you get both hardware and software that connect to the internet at home. We give you full control over the following:

  • Which computers and devices can access the internet
  • What websites users can have access to
  • How long users can visit distracting websites (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube)
  • Times of day that anyone can access the internet

How is the NetSentron’s True Content Filter a Better Protector than Other Filters?

We believe in keeping inappropriate Internet content away from children. And we believe that you should make the choice of what they should and should not see. In addition to starting a “Blacklist” of clearly inappropriate websites, therefore, we give you the power of True Content Filtering. You let us know what things you don’t want your kids to see, and we will set up the intelligent content filter to block websites with that content before your children can ever see it.

What You Get With Netsentron:

1. NetSentron hardware and software that fits easily in your home

2. True Content Filtering using our quadruple-filtering process

3. Setup and configuration with your input by our technicians

4. Management of the device including automatic update patches

5. Telephone and remote support, including After Hours line

6. Full Warranty: If it breaks, we’ll replace it


All this for a one-time setup fee of $95, and just $75 per month!

That’s only $2.50 a day to know your kids are safe on the Internet.

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