The Internet at School: Staying Focused, Safe & Secure

Are You Struggling With These Tough Questions?

Is it possible to keep students from visiting harmful websites? Yes

Can I block students from certain online activities? Yes

Is our school at risk on being infected? Potentially

How do we keep our students focused and off their phones during class?  With NetSentron

Netsentron: A True Content Filter

Netsentron develops, provides and supports network security products. We have been working with schools for the last 10 years who are unsure how to block non-authorized websites, ensure their students are focused and keep network bandwidth clear.
Netsentron effectively blocks blacklisted web pages and uses an extra filter with smart content filtering. It blocks inappropriate Google search results but keeps the good ones, setting Netsentron apart from all the other content filters out there. Netsentron comes as ONE complete solution.

Netsentron costs a fraction of the price that you pay for other content filtering solutions, where you buy your firewall, content filter and VPN/remote access and network monitoring kit separately.

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Do you already have a blacklist? Here’s a quick test to see how effective it is:

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If you have any frustrations or concerns about your school’s content-filtering, contact us.
Our toll-free phone number is 1.800.661.1755.