Helping Our Clients

At NetSentron, we believe in building custom services that fit the exact needs of our clients: none of what you don’t want, and all of what you need.

We put the Custom in Customer

Here are a few of Netsentron’s customer success stories that show how what we do is above and beyond what others can give you.

BC Air Filter

When our client’s critical AS/400 business server was stolen, we quickly set up multiple account access for and remotely hosted all of their IT-driven business functions until they got a new AS/400.

This ability to rapidly and remotely host our client’s IT functions was assisted by their owning the Netsentron, which allowed top-level secure, over-the-Internet data transfer between their location and ours. Without Netsentron and our considerable in-house AS/400 experience, our client would have been unable to conduct any IT-driven business. Their computer network could have been down for weeks while they waited for a new AS/400. With us, their operations and revenue stream continued with minimal interruption.

All Systems

Brad has recommended and implemented Netsentron for many school clients. One of his clients, with over 100 PCs in their offices, was DNS blacklisted due to an infected computer sending SPAM.  Since this meant his client now had little or no Internet access, Brad had to discover this rogue computer in the compromised network quickly. He brought in a Netsentron and easily identified the infected computer. Brad was also able to analyze the network traffic with the reporting functions of the internal Intrusion detection system and found RSS sport feeds and other inappropriate, bandwidth-consuming activities on the network.

Intercontinental Truck Body

ITB experienced an overnight fire that destroyed an entire building. Our team quickly responded, setting up temporary connections and work locations in other buildings for people who had lost their offices in the fire.

As rebuilding and renovation continued, our staff worked with ITB to plan and execute network infrastructure changes. When  the roof of the building, where the server room was housed, was removed for replacement, we rearranged cabling and equipment to safer locations to ensure business operations kept running smoothly during the renovation. Our familiarity with ITB’s operations enabled us to adjust their IT to changing conditions while keeping the network fully operational.