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Adult & Explicit Content

Limit access to pornography and other explicit content on every network. NetSentron uses a quadruple level filtering system to scan and sort the content on every site to protect the integrity of the workplace and the safety of children.


Gambling & Gaming

Gaming and gambling should not be part of a work or school day, so why leave it open for consideration? Let us help you learn about your options, because we’re eager to find the perfect solution for you.

Social Networks & Distractions

Social Networks can be fun, but this doesn’t mean there should be unlimited access. We think employees and students should work with an emphasis on efficiency and effectiveness. With NetSentron, you are free to block any content that you see fit. We can turn an automatic blacklist on, or you can handpick every site that you’d prefer your employees or students to never view.

CIPA Compliance & Cyber Bullying Prevention

NetSentron is an integral part of any CIPA internet safety policy, including network safety, privacy, content blocking, and cyber bullying. Detect, address, and end cyber bullying at your school with NetSentron’s active monitoring system with email alerts and real-time surveillance.

What We Offer


Create admin rules to establish full control over who uses the internet and how they use it

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Bandwidth Monitor

Track bandwidth usage to see if your network is being used for gaming or malicious activity

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Connection Analysis

Easily see if computers on your network have connections with servers on non-standard ports.

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Intelligent Filtering

Guarantee that the content of each page has been scanned & sorted with our quadruple level filtering system

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Traffic Shaping

Optimize performance and mange your network to provide the necessary bandwidth priority to those who need it most

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Ultra-High Security Firewall

Easy-to-understand Intrusion Detection System, gives you the ability to see where and when somebody has tried to break into your company’s network

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Don’t Take Our Word For It…

NetSentron does give me a feeling of safety with the kids – a lot more than relying on just human supervision. Kids are pretty savvy these days – and I feel pretty confident that your system will keep them safe.”

Karen SwalesPrincipal of St. James School
Investing in NetSentron not only provided our offices in Edmonton, Alberta and Delta, BC with very secure over-the-Internet network connections: it also paid for itself and saved me over $70,000 in ‘hard costs’, and much more in ’soft costs’, over five years. NetSentron made all kinds of business processes faster, and that helped our people instantly become more productive.
Linda SimpsonWestern Concord
Besides the great security provided by the NetSentron, I have appreciated the speedy and complete support I have received from numerous representatives at NetSentron – superior to any I have had in the years I have run our network.
Manfred SchulzRegent Academy
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