Content Filter Features

NetSentron Content Filter Features


  • Administrator sets the threshold for phrase and word counts, NetSentron is fully customizable for each unique situation
  • Can work in a ‘whitelist’ mode where all sites except those listed are blocked – useful for Kiosks or other public access
  • Can work in a ‘greylist’ mode where a site is allowed, but the content is still examined – useful for search engines
  • Four authentication methods: built-in user list, Ident, NT Domain or Active Directory authentication
  • Ability to switch off filtering for specified URLs, parts of URLs, Machine IP addresses and usernames
  • Can block specified machine IPs and usernames
  • Custom image/logos can be uploaded

Advanced Filtering

  • Can filter text and HTML pages for inappropriate words and phrases
  • Uses an advanced phrase weighting system to reduce over or under blocking. Less false positives
  • Filters using MIME-type and file extension. Able to block downloads
  • Filters using URLs including Regular Expression URLs. Pattern matching
  • Blocks annoying pop-ups and other advertising sites/images through the advertising URL block list
  • Spam Blocking. Based on blacklists, SPAM content and pattern email headers are tagged for selected action based on the recipient
  • Is able to block sites when users try using the IP address of the site instead of the URL

Ease of Use

  • Changes to the filter are effective immediately
  • Ability for emails to be sent to the administrator, with complete information on the blocked site/file
  • Feedback form to the administrator for blocked sites/files complete with all information on the blocked site/file
  • Easy-to-read log analyzer allowing you to drill down to find the specific information on users, IP addresses, URLs, etc
  • Can export the results of the log analyzer in a tab delimited format suitable for importing into Microsoft Access or Excel
  • When a site/file is blocked, an information page comes up letting the end user know why the page is blocked


  • Filters sites using the ICRA labeling system
  • NetSentron was nominated in 2003 by CMP Network Magazine for the Best Intrusion Detection System
  • CIPA Compliant Content Filtering Capabilities

Other Features

  • Schools employing NetSentron have reported a 30-35% reduction in bandwidth usage
  • With an easy to use Intrusion Detection reporting system you can see where and when someone has tried to hack into your school’s network. NetSentron also allows the ability to detect, prevent and monitor internal intrusions

How Do Content Filters Work?