Content Filter Features

Nesentron Content Filter Features

  • Administrator sets the threshold for phrase and word counts, NetSentron is fully customizable for each unique situation
  • Can filter text and HTML pages for inappropriate words and phrases
  • Uses an advanced phrase weighting system to reduce over or under blocking. Less false positives
  • Filters sites using the ICRA labeling system
  • Filters using MIME-type and file extension. Able to block downloads
  • Filters using URLs including Regular Expression URLs. Pattern matching
  • Blocks annoying pop-ups and other advertising sites/images through the advertising URL block list
  • Can work in a ‘whitelist’ mode where all sites except those listed are blocked – useful for Kiosks or other public access
  • Can work in a ‘greylist’ mode where a site is allowed, but the content is still examined – useful for search engines
  • Is able to block sites when users try using the IP address of the site instead of the URL
  • Four authentication methods: built-in user list, Ident, NT Domain or Active Directory authentication
  • Ability to switch off filtering for specified URLs, parts of URLs, Machine IP addresses and usernames
  • Can block specified machine IPs and usernames
  • Changes to the filter are effective immediately
  • When a site/file is blocked, an information page comes up letting the end user know why the page is blocked
  • Custom image/logos can be uploaded
  • Ability for emails to be sent to the administrator, with complete information on the blocked site/file.
  • Feedback form to the administrator for blocked sites/files complete with all information on the blocked site/file
  • Easy-to-read log analyzer allowing you to drill down to find the specific information on users, IP addresses, URLs, etc.
  • Can export the results of the log analyzer in a tab delimited format suitable for importing into Microsoft Access or Excel

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