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Netsentron is a registered trademark of Kobelt Development Inc. It is an intelligent and versatile content filter that protects students, children, and employees from inappropriate and unsafe internet pages, and has been used in businesses and schools across North America for over ten years. Netsentron uses a quadruple filtering system to prevent threatening content, images and pages from loading on your computer, while allowing content you have predetermined as safe to pass through. You are in control of deciding which pages your organization, business, or educational institution will be able to view. Incorporated is a true content filter, which means that while using a search engine site such as Google, the inappropriate and banned links will be blocked, while the rest of the results will be available. Any cached pages or content coming through a rogue proxy server will also be blocked.

Netsentron not only prevents access to inappropriate content, but also protects and secures business’ and organizations’ confidential information. Let us help keep your information secure and protected.

Netsentron provides protection and the ability to use the cleanest, crispest, and safest internet ever.




Netsentron exists entirely due to our extensive research. We found the adamant needs of consumers and have narrowed the findings down into specific categories, to ensure we hit all of the right areas.



We built Netsentron due to a strong need for an adaptable content filter. It was built to reflect our research findings: a need for a content filter with daily updates not just for schools but for businesses and organizations.



The need to customize quickly becomes apparent when you consider the vast variety that exists between schools and businesses. We decided to put YOU in control. You are able to determine which sites will be blacklisted.


Netsentron is a division of Kobelt Development Inc (KDI): a professional IT practice and software development firm located in Greater Vancouver, BC. KDI was founded in 1987–predating and outlasting the ‘Dot Com’ era–with a commitment to providing reliable, cost-effective solutions to our clients in software development, internet security and network administration. Netsentron is supported by a growing community of partners dedicated to providing first class support for a first class product.



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