The Quick Content Filter Effectiveness Test

Sure, You’ve Got a Blacklist to Protect Your Students. But Do You Know What Comes Up In a Google Search?

Take this challenge to see how good the content filter you have right now is. It’s free and will take maybe 30 seconds.

Let’s pretend we’ve got a class of middle school students, and we’ve assigned them to research breast cancer. Use Google or Bing to get results on “breast cancer”. Now let’s imagine 14-year-old Johnny, who thinks there might be a connection between size and cancer. What results do you get when you Google or Bing “large breasts”?

If the porn in the search results was not blocked, you know what your students would have seen. Obviously, simple blacklists are not sufficient or effective protection for students on the Internet.

There is a better way to filter websites, even from inside a Google or Bing search, and it’s called the NetSentron. This is true content filtering: the content of websites is actually checked individually, well before anyone can ever see them.

For more information about how true content filtering works, click here.