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Here are some of the top features that make Netsentron the quality true-content filter that it is. Everything from our tri-authentication options to our ultra-high security wall will leave you satisfied and confident that you are choosing the very best content filter, no matter what your situation is. Whatever package it is you end up choosing will have all of our amazing features included. Our VPN/Remote access feature means that everyone will be able to work from home or away from the office, which is perfect for professionals in a variety of industries. If you have any questions regarding what's listed below, give us a call. We'll be happy to explain all of our features.



Netsentron allows the administrator to set three different types of Authentication: No Authentication; where the User cannot use the internet, Netsentron Authentication; which allows for manual redirection, and Active Directory Authentication; where the head user is capable of authenticating others against an Active Directory server to validate their username and password. This means the administrator (you) has control over who uses the internet and how they use it. 

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Bandwidth Monitoring

A monitoring system to view the traffic flow in all your network connections. This means the network administrator will be able to spot gaming activity, P2P activity, and will be able to use it as an indicator of spyware/malware/trojans running on your computers.

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Connection Analysis

This feature will show any computers on the network that have connections to servers on non-standard ports. The connection analysis is an effective means to track down viruses and malware, and will lower costs of repairs and IT services.


Intelligent Filtering

There are many different methods of content or web filtering, and most involve using a big list of banned domain names and IP Addresses, or check if the URL matches a list of words. These filters do not look at the actual content on the web page, while Netsentron does. Our product analyzes the contents of each page, which must pass a quadruple filtering system. This means you will have less viruses and trojans, student and employee productivity will be increased, and school administration can have confidence that students are safe from inappropriate content at all times.

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Traffic Shaping

A network management strategy that helps optimize performance and increase usable bandwidth. This means you can ensure that bandwidth resources are being used effectively, and you are able to distribute bandwidth priorities that apply to your organization's policies - people who need more will be able to get more. 

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Ultra-High Security Firewall

The Netsentron security server is designed to protect your company's network from external attacks, while still allowing your staff access to the resources of the Internet. The Intrusion Detection System allows you to detect, prevent, and monitor internal intrusions. This means protection from data theft, confidence in who is able to access company information, easy-to-understand Intrusion Detection System, and the ability to see where and when somebody has tried to break into your company's network. 

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VPN/Remote Access


The Netsentron VPN uses 256 bit encryption to give you the highest level of security possible for your staff. VPN/Remote Access allows staff to access data from their desktop computers and the network from other locations. This means staff can securely access their work from the comfort of their own home, and will also have access to as many VPN accounts as your network will allow.

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Click the link below to read about some of the commonly available utilities for the use of network technicians. 

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