VPN/Remote Access

No more late nights in the office! With NetSentron you can provide your staff with the ability to securely access their work from the comfort of their own homes.

Netsentron allows for virtually unlimited VPN connections for:

  • permitting secure access from remote locations
  • linking one or more locations together

Staff working from home can access customer information, project files and quotations securely. Unlike many competing products, NetSentron does not require you to buy expensive add-on modules or VPN accounts. When you have NetSentron, you’ll be able to have as many VPN accounts as your network will allow, without having to buy anything else! 

The Netsentron VPN uses 256 bit encryption with a security certificate that is required to positively identify each user. This is over one million times more secure than online banking!

VPN / Remote Access is NOT WiFi. An Internet connection, like a landline or WiFi, will be necessary to link your laptop to the server back at the office, but WiFi has a very low and easily broken security level. The NetSentron in conjunction gives you the highest level of security legally possible–it is illegal to encrypt any higher than the NetSentron’s 256 bit encryption key! This 256 bit AES encryption is rated by NIST and the NSA to transfer US Top Secret files over the Internet. Data protected by the NetSentron while being transferred over the Internet is so protected that it is unlikely anyone would ever try to decrypt it–estimates are that it would take millions of years to crack.

NetSentron’s VPN/Remote Access capability will enable you and your workforce to be more productive than before, saving and generating money. Also, if you are using expensive and old data transfer technology like frame relay, tremendous savings are very likely when you switch over to NetSentron.