Selecting Your NetSentron

Regardless of whether or not you are using an IBM or Apple computer, Netsentron will work with both. The more important question is which setup is best for you.

First, let’s make a distinction between NetSentron and other firewall/VPN products. Yes, there are other products. Some of them at first glance look to be much less than others in terms of total investment.

Here’s the problem

Many of those products will only give a base level version. If you want any more features, you have to pay for them. Want more than two or three VPN accounts? You’ll have to pay more. Want a content filter? You’ll have to pay more. Want network management tools so you can identify problem computers? You’ll have to pay more.

What looked like the least expensive option on your list at the start, you will find, turns out to be one of the most expensive by the time you’ve added in all the “options” you want.

NetSentron is different.

NetSentron gives you everything, up front. Firewall, VPN/remote access, top-level encryption, true content filter (not just a blacklist!), bandwidth monitoring and traffic shaping. No add-ons, no upselling. One regular investment for one complete product to take care of all of your network security requirements.

Next, you should know the NetSentron package comes in two forms: hardware and software. If you’re really IT-savvy, like a reseller, maybe you should get the software only. But then you have to source and put together all the hardware to run it yourself–and that can get pretty tricky. If you don’t really know what you’re doing it won’t work right, or it won’t work at all.

We generally recommend you get yourself the hardware NetSentron solution. Then you know and we know where all the parts came from, and everything is warranted by us.

So which NetSentron is it, software or hardware?