NetSentron Advantages for Business Clients

“Protect & Connect Your Network, and Stop Employees from Surfing Non-Authorized Websites, with NetSentron.”

Most commonly, we work with business clients who are:

  • upset over increasing network security costs such as annual user licensing fees
  • frustrated with un-budgeted network maintenance costs that make monthly budgeting difficult

unhappy about the lack of tech support from their current supplier

Our clients have remained loyal with our firm for years due to our speedy, knowledgeable, cost-effective tech support team.

What if you knew your IT networking security solution could give you:

  • High security encryption rated to transfer US ‘Top Secret’ data to guard your data as it’s being moved across the Internet (say between two of your branches)
  • Exponentially faster processing time across your network
  • Employees who are noticeably more focused on work and protected on the Web
  • Responsive, knowledgeable and caring customer support including After Hours line
  • Maximum uptime thanks to quick problem diagnosis and solving features
  • Flexibility and ability to roam anywhere and use the data stored back at the office, yet still know that everything you do is still guaranteed protected at exactly the same ultra-high level of security

Would you see, feel and understand the value then?


Are you tired of paying annual licensing fees per user to keep a product running that you’ve already paid for? With NetSentron, there are no licensing fees. And as it’s a one-stop network management toolkit, NetSentron has no modular add-ons to buy, either. Everything you need is included. Check out our value comparison and you’ll see how much other products actually cost.

If your organization still using Frame Relay technology to connect its branch operations, contact us. NetSentron will save you at least $3,000 in hard costs per branch annually. Let’s talk about it and see what we can do for you. Our toll free phone number is 1.800.661.1755.

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