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It’s very important to chose the correct size of Netsentron hardware for your organization. Installing the incorrect size will harm its efficiency and limit its effectiveness. Netsentron has been designed to improve daily operations, not hinder them. In order to avoid these issues, work with us to determine the size which will be the greatest benefit for your organization or business. If the chosen size is too big, your company will lose money, and if the size is too small, performance issues are bound to spring up. The number of people that are in the building at one time isn't the number that matters, but rather the number of people that will be online concurrently. When products have been properly chosen and installed, Netsentron will deliver beyond expectations.

US Customers:  All prices in US funds are exclusive of any applicable taxes or shipping charges.  If prices are not listed, please call us for current rates.


Small Form Factor


per month/year
  • Purchase For $1200
  • With 3-Year Support $1750
  • One Month $60
  • 2GB
  • Up to 100 Concurrent Users
  • VPN/Remote Access

The 1U Server


per month/year
  • Purchase For $3000
  • With 3-Year Support $3700
  • One Month $120
  • 4GB
  • Up to 300 Concurrent Users
  • Enterprise-Ready

Netsentron Software


per month/year
  • Purchase for $4200
  • With 3-Year Support $4900
  • One Month $160
  • 16GB
  • Up to 800 Concurrent Users
  • Protect Staff

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