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Netsentron is a content filter constructed to protect schools, businesses, and organizations, while allowing people to learn and produce in a safe environment.


Porn Access

Limit access to pornography on every network. This should be controlled for schools, organizations, and businesses, while protecting the integrity of the workplace and the safety of children.

Gaming & Gambling

Gaming and gambling should not be part of a work or school day, so why leave it open for consideration? Let us help you learn about your options, because we're eager to find the perfect solution for you.

Social Networks

Social Networks can be fun, but this doesn't mean there should be unlimited access. We think employees and students should work with an emphasis on efficiency and effectiveness.


With Netsentron, you are free to block any content that you see fit. We can turn an automatic blacklist on, or you can handpick every site that you\'d prefer your employees or students never view.

What Clients Say

  • "Although I don’t remember the exact year, we have been using the NetSentron system for over a decade now. I have been very pleased with its capabilities. As I learn more, I’m sure it will become more functional to us down the line. But even more than the NetSentron itself, I have been incredibly impressed by the customer service ya’ll provide. Ya’ll have always done whatever it took to get me back up and running—even on the weekends. I do very much appreciate it and that is the key reason that I have not even considered needing to look for an alternative system."

    Steven F,
  • "The NetSentron does give me a feeling of safety with the kids - a lot more than relying on just human supervision. Kids are pretty savvy these days - and I feel pretty confident that your system will keep them safe."

    Karen Swales, Principal of St. James School,
  • “Investing in NetSentron not only provided our offices in Edmonton, Alberta and Delta, BC with very secure over-the-Internet network connections: it also paid for itself and saved me over $70,000 in ‘hard costs’, and much more in ’soft costs’, over five years. NetSentron made all kinds of business processes faster, and that helped our people instantly become more productive.”
    Linda Simpson, President, Western Concord,
  • “Besides the great security provided by the NetSentron, I have appreciated the speedy and complete support I have received from numerous representatives at NetSentron – superior to any I have had in the years I have run our network.”

    Manfred Schulz, Regent Christian Academy,

Are you experiencing concerns such as these?

Are students or employees easily bypassing blacklists to look at non-authorized websites, play online games or waste time on social networking sites? Are your computers and programs slow, frustrating users, and you don't know how to monitor and fix the network's bandwidth problems? Are students or employees accidentally viewing inappropriate websites, and you don’t have the right protection to keep non-authorized content away? 

Netsentron stops all non-authorized access to your network. It intelligently blocks pornographic, offensive and unapproved websites quickly and efficiently. Our content filter also provides the flexibility to work with files on head office servers while authorized staff are traveling or at home, allowing everyone at the office to maximize their time and productivity. As the most powerful extension of this ability, Netsentron allows you to completely let go of a central office, meaning your organization is free to work from anywhere and drop the high costs of real estate.

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