Netsentron Hardware

Let’s Size Your NetSentron Right.

It’s important that you have the NetSentron hardware package that’s sized for your organization. Too big and you’re wasting money; too small, and you’re going to have performance troubles such as a sluggishly slow network.

So how many users (that will be on your location’s network at any given time) have you got? For multi-branch organizations, you’re going to have to go through this specifying process twice: once for head office (where there are likely to be many users), and a second time for a typical branch (where there are likely to be fewer concurrent users than head office). For example, a head office with 120 staff using the network will need a larger NetSentron solution than a branch office with 15 staff. Remember, the all-important number is not the total number of people working at a location, but rather how many people you think will be online at the same time time (concurrently). So you could have 100 staff in total, but only 20 are online together at any one time.

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If you’re organization has more than 800 concurrent network users at one location, give us a call. We’re the network security experts, and we’ll build one cost-effective monster machine to keep your data and your users safe. Call us from anywhere! Our number is 1.800.661.1755