How NetSentron Helps People Like You

Are you experiencing concerns like these?

  • Students or employees are easily bypassing blacklists to look at non-authorized websites, play online games or waste time on social networking sites
  • Your computers and programs seem very slow, frustrating users, and you have no way to easily monitor and fix the network bandwidth problems that are causing the slowdowns
  • Students or employees may accidentally view inappropriate websites, because you know you don’t have the right protection to keep non-authorized content away. Even Google searches are a worry.

The NetSentron stops all non-authorized access to your network like a vault door slamming shut in the faces of criminals. It intelligently blocks pornographic, offensive and unapproved websites quickly and efficiently. The NetSentron also gives you the flexibility to work with files on head office servers while you and your authorized staff are traveling or at home, allowing everyone at your office to maximize their time and productivity. At the most powerful extension of this ability, the NetSentron can allow you to completely let go of a central office, meaning you and your employees are free to work from anywhere and drop the high costs of real estate.

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